; SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack v12.0 + Activation Key Free

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack v12.0 + Activation Key Free

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack v12.0 + Activation Key Free Download

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack is a powerful tool to recover deleted data from a memory card. With the current software, you can quickly scan your flash memory or memory card and recover the files deleted from it. With advanced and professional algorithms, this program will Recover the information on your selected disk so that you can save it again. IT experts believe that to secure critical and important information, you need to store three different backup versions.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack

The software we have for you can Recover the latest information before removing it from the flash memory to try your last chance at recovering it. Now that you’re familiar with this software, it’s time to download the latest version of SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Full to recover your important files crack file from the A2ZPC website.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Serial Key accessing a USB flash drive from the computer, the message “You must format the hard drive in the drive” or other error sometimes appears. And then users can only access their USB key if they format it. Sometimes, users intentionally format their USB drives. Then, recovering formatted data from the USB drive becomes critical. With this Pen Drive recovery tool, you can easily recover files after formatting Pen Drive. The Pen Drive Recovery tool is capable of recovering and restoring data from all USB drives of all brands of all sizes. You can restore data from PNY, Lexar, iBall, Moser Bär, Toshiba, Transcend, Sony, HP, Kingston, SanDisk, etc. USB sticks.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Activation Code:

  • Moreover, Formatting a USB memory stick is common practice when USB memory sticks are damaged. This makes the USB drive clean and virus-free, but you also lose your important data. You can now quickly recover data from a formatted partition using the USB key recovery tool. The software also supports the recovery of all raw data files such as PNG, ZIP, DOCX, JPEG, PPTX, XLSX, GIF, PDF, MPEG, AVI, WAV, BMP, etc. from formatted drives
  • However, The tool’s powerful search engine helps you find the files and folders you want based on the results of the recovery. Use a text/term that matches the file name to search for it. This facilitates selective extraction of the only required files and folders from all the data on the USB key.
  • In addition, This sophisticated solution recovers data from USB sticks from FAT and NTFS file systems. The data concerned could be; corrupt, formatted, or deleted from. By integrating the tool’s advanced algorithms, data can be successfully restored from the data key of any file system.


  •  Ability to retrieve images, videos, documents, and more from flash memory
  •  NTFS / exFAT / FAT compatibility
  •  Ability to retrieve and preview data before saving
  •  Supports flash and memory card
  •  Ability to filter recovery results
  •  It has two different algorithms for scanning memory
  •  No memory limit
  •  The beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface
  • And many more.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack Features:

  • Restore and restore videos, photos, documents, etc. from a USB stick
  • Supports recovery of formatted USB sticks exFAT, FAT, and NTFS
  • Restore complete data with associated attributes and preview
  • Restoration of tool support from a USB key, a USB key, and a memory card
  • The application supports different languages ​​of the installation configuration
  • Supports recovery of deleted GPT partitions for all USB drives
  • The software supports recovery of all branded USB flash drives of any size
  • The tool offers a separate option for formatted scanning and normal scanning
  • The software offers the Refresh button to display the newly connected USB key
  • Data recovery app for USB flash drives supports recovery of the raw partition
  • Software support to restore data permanently deleted from USB memory stick
  • Advanced filter-based search option: search for items in recovery results
  • Supports recovery of deleted, corrupt, and formatted data from dynamic disk
  • Offers the option to save selected files or finish files after recovery
  • The utility marks files permanently deleted from the USB stick with a red color
  • Install SysTools Pen Drive Recovery software Crack on any version of Windows OSRecover and restore permanently deleted data from Pen Drive.

What’s New?

  • Restore USB sticks formatted exFAT, FAT, and NTFS
  • Recover deleted files from USB stick/flash drive/memory card
  • Mark the recovered and permanently deleted data in red. Restore permanently deleted data from USB sticks
  • Recover lost data from a formatted USB drive
  • Restore damaged files from USB drive to error-free state
  • Supports all available versions of Windows OS With this option you can restore and recover complete data from a USB stick. The data recovery software for the USB memory stick scans the USB memory stick and loads the complete data contained therein. You can then extract the data to save it anywhere. With this recovery mode, you can recover deleted files and folders from the USB drive.
  • If you have connected your USB drive to a computer and accidentally deleted some files or folders from it, you can restore it using Pen Drive Recovery Tool. This software analyzes in-depth the data of the reader and loads all the files it contains. You can also extract and restore lost or deleted data on your USB drive.
  • It is a standalone and safer solution to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from USB flash drives regardless of their storage size.
  • Now you no longer have to worry if you have deleted lost data or files from your USB drive. Use this software to restore the deleted data on the USB stick and simply recover the permanently deleted data from the USB stick

System Requirements:

  • RAM
  • 2 GB is recommended
  • Processor
  • Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above should be installed
  • If you are using Window 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as “Run as Administrator”.
  • To recover data from external drives, it should be connected and detected by the PC where the software is installed.
  • Microsoft Windows – Vista / Win 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit) & Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012
  • File Systems Types – FAT 32, FAT 16, ExFAT, NTFS File System & Cross-Formats between NTFS & Other
  • Formats like FAT16 & FAT32
  • Partition types – GPT and MBR
  • Disk types – Basic & Dynamic
  • Hard Drive Interface – IDE, PATA, SATA, SCSI
  • SSD Interface – SATA, mSATA, M.2, SATA Express, PCI-E, U.2, XFMEXPRESS, EDSFF, NVMe

How To Install:

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